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Discussion about the use of Eiffel Software products and libraries.

Eiffel Software's EiffelStudio, available across a wide range of platforms (Windows, .NET, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, VMS, Solaris, SGI, Tru64 Unix, HP-UX, LinuxPPC, ...), is the only seamless development environment covering the entire system development lifecycle. EiffelStudio fully applies object-oriented principles and Design by Contract™ for the production of high-quality software. Eiffel Software's products, training and services are used worldwide by satisfied customers in all major industries.

Eiffel: What programming should be.

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by Louis M
The Gobo Eiffel Project provides the Eiffel community with free and portable Eiffel tools and libraries. 436 2074
by Eric Bezault
List about the development of FreeELKS 47 199
by GPS vehicle tracker ...
SmartEiffel compiler is the fastest and the slimmest multi-platform Eiffel compiler. SmartEiffel was formerly named SmallEiffel. 456 1997
by jeanluc

Discuss the ongoing developments of EiffelStudio and other open source products from Eiffel Software.

The development mailing list has an associated wiki site where you can find all the information on how to compile the source code of EiffelStudio.

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by mr_kazoodle