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Finnian Reilly
Release notes

Some of the highlights of this release:


Extensive improvements have been made to class EL_COMMAND_LINE_SUB_APPLICATION which provides similar sort of functionality to the Python optparse package.

EL_COMMAND_LINE_SUB_APPLICATION [C -> EL_COMMAND create default_create end]

This class maps command line argument to arguments of a make routine for a class inheriting EL_COMMAND. It provides integrated help and error messages, and a way of validating arguments using PREDICATE lists. Two such built-in predicates are available, namely: directory_must_exist and file_must_exist. These serve as examples on making your own custom predicates.

The class source link above, contains links to many implementation examples.

Eiffel Repository Publisher Class Links

The Eiffel Repository Publisher can be use to publish any Eiffel code repository with Eiffel-Loop.com being an example. The publisher app (available in el_toolkit), now has a very convenient way of  inserting wiki-markup links to other classes in note fields. It is no longer necessary to work out the relative path yourself. The publisher will automatically substitute the $source variable with the correct relative path:

: "[
      Object related to class [$source MY_CLASS]

The only condition is that the class name must be unique in the repository.

A future enhancement being considered is to provide a way to select between platform specific classes, possibly by introducing variable names $win_source and $unix_source

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