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[eiffel-users] Gobo Eiffel 4.2 released

Eric Bezault
The focus of this release was to support multi-threading.
In particular:

* 'gec', the Gobo Eiffel Compiler, can now compile Eiffel applications
   in multi-threaded mode, using the same EiffelThread library as ISE
* Made 'gelint' multi-threaded. It now runs almost 3 times faster on a
   4-CPU machine.
* Made 'gedoc' multi-threaded. It now runs almost 3 times faster on a
   4-CPU machine.

Note that this release does not support SCOOP yet.

This release of Gobo Eiffel should work fine with EiffelStudio
17.05. You can download the Gobo package from SourceForge:


If you prefer to get the code directly from the Git repository,
it is available from GitHub:


As always, you can browse the Gobo Eiffel documentation on-line at:


Happy Eiffeling.

Eric Bezault
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